SorToria Miller

Business Owner, Sales/Marketing Manager, CMO, Wife, Mother,  people lover & life of the party! SorToria enjoys the beach, wine, coffee & meeting new friends.

Let’s work smarter, not harder.

I’m very thankful that you decided to visit my website. I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s goal is to help others build Leveraged income through multiple streams! I want to show you how to diversify your portfolio. Let’s brainstorm!

Healthcare Industry

I have been in healthcare for over 20 years & I entered the world of optometry/ophthalmology in 2008. The eye world is where I would get a bulk of my administrative, management, HR and leadership skills. I’ve had the privilege coaching many medical practices bridge the gap between employees & employer.



I LOVE what I do. I jump in with both feet and do what I know I do best. I connect people with a proven sales approach. I have learned over the years that sales is more than just closing the deal. It’s about building healthy relationships and making the right connections. I have had over 15 successful years in sales. It’s a natural high to know I’m giving my clients a great experience and value.
I don’t have to do this, I get to do this.



I am efficient at driving strong and sustainable financial gains through leveraging corporate potential, enhancing top-notch marketing solutions, crafting innovative branding strategies, and organizing dynamic corporate events. I also have a special talent for enhancing social media marketability, platforms, and websites to promote a product or service.


Financial Coaching

Credit Repair, Debt Consulting, Budget Consulting, Business Structure 101, Notary Services & Auto/Personal Loan Assistance, Better Credit 101,30-day Budgeting Bootcamp, How to negotiate debt, Dispute Collections & Dispute Medical Bills


My business was off to a slow start and after 2 years I wanted to close down. Sortoria stepped in and within 4 months our sales increased by 40%.

Dr. Rivers

SorToria Miller has helped me build my business & we have achieved many goals due to her leadership skills.

Prince Albert

This lady is the absolute Real Deal in everything she says and does. She IS the life of the party AND she has wisdom galore to go with it. Perfect combination for helping others soar! Love her to the moon.

Devaney Rae Jones

Toria is the absolute best!! She is such a motivator. Thanks for all you do 😀

Tracy Edmond

I love Tori! She is just an awesome lady in every way!!!

Maryann Clark-Durell

I worked with this lady for 8 years she has taught me, encouraged me and offered so many words of wisdom. I miss our daily (we had lots).

Bridget Peak

When you have the ability, or better yet...the blessing of bringing people together to relate on a positive platform, we must share in it. Thank you Sortoria, for sharing your gift with us all!

Belinda Love Washington

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